Coordination meeting
BIM Manager Tero Järvinen from the Finnish HVAC consultancy company Granlund sees interactive whiteboards as the way of the future and as a necessary tool for truly collaborative BIM. Tekla BIMsight has been integrated to SMART Technologies' SMART Boards.

Tekla BIMsight on a SMART Board is not a toy

Easy setup

BIM Manager Tero Järvinen from the Finnish HVAC consultancy company Granlund writes about his first experience with Tekla BIMsight and SMART Technologies' SMART Board in his BIM blog (in Finnish). He found it really easy to set up Tekla BIMsight on the device.

"I finally got to test Tekla BIMsight on a SMART Board. I rarely feel I have something new at hand. Now I got the same feeling when testing augmented reality related stuff," says the BIM Manager.

He found the touch gestures of Tekla BIMsight and the interactive whiteboard intuitive. The only thing he wasn't immediately able to do was pan, but eventually found the way to do that as well. It's easiest with a V formed with the index and middle finger of your hand.

Intriguing development

Järvinen first saw a SMART Board while visiting Tekla headquarters in the fall of 2012. Tekla developers presented the "wall-mounted huge iPad" to him. He then realized they were "doing something smart" he wanted to get back to once it was finished.

"Later I realized the developers wanted to see what I would do when a huge model appeared on the wall and I could interact with it with my hands. They were gathering experiences to evolve the integration. That's the best thing I can personally get as a customer: if I try some gesture out, the developer reacts to it and might add it to the public version of the integration," Järvinen writes. "It's great to interact with Finnish coders because feedback is acted upon."

A fundamental tool

Järvinen thinks a SMART Board is a fundamental tool when you truly want to do model-based design and coordination interactively between all designers. "It's an accessory for every construction site as soon as contractors realize it," he says.

Finally he states: "Tekla BIMsight on a SMART Board is not a toy."

Mr. Järvinen has written reviews of Tekla BIMsight before. He thinks Tekla BIMsight is a great software and the unquestionable choice for on-site usage.