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Extensive design coordination and planned communication are the keys to excelling in a large-scale project, like POSCO E&C has done with the CSP steel plant in Brazil. Tekla BIMsight was used during the project to easily visualize complex details for better understanding and faster communication.

Speedy work and error-free design in a huge project with a simple tool

The project: Brazil CSP Steel Plant Complex

The general construction company POSCO E&C of Korea is building the Brazil CSP Steel Plant Complex, the largest-ever steel plant construction order won overseas by the company. The project is worth 4.34 billion US dollars. It is located in the Pecem Industrial Complex in Ceara, north-eastern Brazil.

Because of the size and the overseas location of the construction project, there were of course challenges to overcome, starting from the time zone difference which made timely communication difficult. 

Smooth communication with Tekla BIMsight 

Since this is an overseas project, redesign, re-fabrication, reconstruction, and inaccurate reports cost a lot of money and time. So we needed to have a tool to identify and solve clashes before construction. Tekla BIMsight met our requirements,” says Hyunwoo Roh, Manager, POSCO E&C. 

POSCO E&C says that when they used conventional 2D drawings to check clashes, communicating them was very difficult. With Tekla BIMsight, they have been able to speed up their work process thereby increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

POSCO E&C created their own checklist for design errors and clashes, and organized them in Tekla BIMsight. It helped the communication between project participants, especially on the construction site.

We make a note of the clashing objects and share that with other disciplines of this project. The notes function of Tekla BIMsight helped the parties understand each other smoothly and make quick decision. With this process we could easily control the work history,” Hyunwoo Roh states. 

Saving time by finding design errors

POSCO E&C applied BIM to four facilities of this project; Central Maintenance Shop, Raw Material Test Center, Chemical Analysis Center and Raw Water Treatment facility. They were able to build them all on schedule. They saved a large amount of time on rework and fixing issues on site by coordinating their design before construction with Tekla BIMsight.

Regarding the Central Maintenance Shop, POSCO E&C saved approximately 15% in rework by preventing errors before construction was started. The scheduled construction period was 627 days, and by using TeklaBIMsight, they were able to finish the project on time by finding 99 errors in advance. If they were unable to detect and prevent those errors, the project would have taken an estimated 94 extra days. As for the other three facilities, the savings in time were: 2% in the Raw Material Test Center, 8% in the Chemical Analysis Center, and 32% in the Raw Water Treatment Facility.  

The power of easy BIM collaboration

Tekla BIMsight was used by various project parties, detailers, MEP designers, POSCO A&C, and POSCO E&C in two locations in Korea. The construction site applied the fast track method in which design and construction overlap, so communication to the site in real time and revising the plans quickly were crucial for safety and success.

The project team arranged regular meetings where the 3D models made communication efficient and understanding complex details easy. They could find clashes and discuss the changes needed. “And we did not waste our time waiting for the models to open because Tekla BIMsight is considerably light compared to other similar tools,” says Hyunwoo Roh.

In the beginning, the other participants of the project were not happy to use Tekla BIMsight in the meetings because they weren’t familiar with it. But after a few meetings, they realized using Tekla BIMsight was much more efficient than 2D drawings.

Hyunwoo Roh elaborates that in the end, all participants were satisfied with the 3D visualization of models, accurate information, and the time saved for checking clashes. One of participants said that “with Tekla BIMsight, we were able to find issues that would never have been found with 2D drawing in advance.” 

POSCO E&C also appreciated how easy and intuitive Tekla BIMsight was to learn: “We had just a half-day training and no problems using it right after that.

The company is planning to use Tekla BIMsight again in large scale projects for continued improvement in communication and collaboration.


POSCO E&C, founded in December 1994, is a total construction company that aims to be a global engineering and construction company. Having offered total project services ranging from project planning to design, construction and commissioning, we have earned trust from our customers in a variety of areas from steel manufacturing to environmental and energy plants, new city development, SOC projects and high-rise building construction. 

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We had just a half-day training and no problems using Tekla BIMsight right after that.

Brazil CSP Steel Plant Complex
Hyunwoo Roh

With Tekla BIMsight, we were able to find issues that would never have been found with 2D drawing in advance.

Brazil CSP Steel Plant Complex