Tekla BIMsight on a SMART Board

SMART Technologies

With version 1.7, Tekla BIMsight integrates to SMART Technologies' SMART Board virtual whiteboards. Design and construction collaboration gets more visual and communicating what you mean easier: walk to the board and touch it, or take a pen and eraser and use them in the way you learned at school.

Smarter together: Tekla BIMsight and SMART Boards set new standards for collaboration

A great match

SMART Board interactive whiteboards are a new and exciting device to use Tekla BIMsight on. You can navigate through the models in Tekla BIMsight with multi-touch gestures of the display and use the integrated pen and eraser for Tekla BIMsight markups. Of course, all the Tekla BIMsight features you are used to using on your PC are available.

"Tekla BIMsight’s integration to SMART Boards and the Freestorm visual collaboration solution gives anyone an engaging way to start to use BIM for meeting collaboration. You obviously need a SMART Board, but you don’t have to pay anything for the powerful BIM software," says Jussi Ketoja, Marketing Manager of Tekla BIMsight. Actually, those with a touch screen device can take part remotely and do not have to walk to the SMART Board as they can use their own screen to participate, regardless of where they are.

Engaging collaboration

"The integration with the SMART Board is all about collaboration. There are so many ways construction can go wrong because of miscommunication and Tekla BIMsight and the interactive whiteboard help to improve communication between architects, engineers, contractors and owners. With Tekla BIMsight and the SMART Board, you can have engaged, dynamic and interactive design and construction coordination meetings with building information models. These types of coordination meetings are essential to solving issues at the design phase before the actual construction begins,” explains Ketoja.

“For the construction industry, SMART Boards are must-haves. Site meetings are often very early in the morning and people are still sleepy and easily distracted. SMART Boards create an atmosphere that gets people going,” the Marketing Manager continues.

The integration - Why and how

“The SMART Technologies collaboration suits Tekla as we are committed to develop better model-based design collaboration,” says Ketoja. ”With Tekla BIMsight 1.7, we continue to offer the AEC industry the most advanced design coordination and collaboration technologies on the market for free.”

Before launching the integration project, Tekla evaluated the market and saw that SMART was a well-established solution in their market. “We already had shared AEC customers, so it was an easy decision to create the link between Tekla BIMsight and SMART products,” Ketoja explains.

Since Tekla BIMsight team already had experience in integrating products with touch devices, such as tablets, the programming work was smooth. “We have our own touch screen professionals and we had already supported hand gestures and other features needed for tablets, so we found it easy to work with the SMART Board software development kit,” reports Ketoja.

The integrated version of Tekla BIMsight, version 1.7, was announced at the Design-Build Conference and Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, on November 7, 2012. It became downloadable in December 2012.

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Tekla BIMsight on a SMART Board is not a toy. It's an accessory for every construction site as soon as contractors realize it.

Tero Järvinen
BIM Manager