Unger steel project Vienna

Unger Steel Group

Thirty-five experts from Unger Steel Group utilized Tekla’s BIM software in a very advanced way to plan, produce and assemble the diamond trusses of the partially transparent, architecturally stunning roof of the new Vienna Central Railway Station. Unger, an Austrian steel group, chose Tekla BIMsight for collaboration with project parties like architects and structural engineers.

Easy BIM communication at Vienna's central railway station construction site

Tekla BIMsight brings BIM to everyone

In this project, all project participants created a 3D model for their trade and Tekla BIMsight enabled them to work together based on the model information. Unger Steel communicated with external partners, such as architects and structural engineers through the Tekla BIMsight project about clarifications and approvals during the planning phase.

Unger Steel, using Tekla Structures for the steel frame, created snapshots and views in Tekla BIMsight for non-Tekla Structures users. Thus they were able to use 3D models with everyone. Tekla BIMsight was used to group different object types with the custom color functionality.

There are currently six steel designers working with Tekla Structures and Tekla BIMsight in the company itself. Furthermore, managers and even sales people also are familiar with the tool. In the future Unger Steel is going to further expand and intensify Tekla BIMsight usage in coordination projects with partners.

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Unger Steel Group has been pushing BIM-to-field. Not only by using Tekla BIMsight, but also Tekla Structures Layout Manager and Trimble Total Stations to really improve their workflow and gain significant cost savings. Read more from the Tekla case study.