Teaching Tekla BIMsight at Metropolia

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is the largest university of applied sciences in Finland. They are extensively taking Building Information Modeling into use on their courses and promoting it to construction teachers. Tekla BIMsight is an important part of their efforts as it is a great tool but also makes the process of design coordination easy to understand.

Construction teachers on Tekla BIMsight: "This is the best BIM we've learnt!"

BIM for every student

Päivi Jäväjä - MetropoliaThe Principal lecturer of Construction IT at Metropolia, Päivi Jäväjä, is determined to spread Building Information Modeling to all the degree programs in Metropolia's School of Civil Engineering and Building Services. At the moment BIM and Tekla BIMsight are taught to students on a few courses but the school's target is that every construction teacher will adopt BIM as a part of their curriculum. "We don't want that BIM is taught just on a few specialized BIM courses and traditional methods on all other construction courses," said Jäväjä. Metropolia wants a BIM perspective to be adopted wholly.

That is why Jäväjä has organized a BIM training series for the teachers of structural engineering, construction and site management and environmental construction. They have a training session or a lecture from an industry specialist every other Monday. Because of the school's good experiences with Tekla BIMsight, they wanted to include Tekla BIMsight in the series as well.

Teaching design coordination, not just software

Software specialist Heikki Pulkkinen from the Tekla BIMsight team held 14 teachers a hands-on training about Tekla BIMsight and its benefits. First there was a short presentation about BIM and the design and construction coordination process Tekla BIMsight is meant for. Then the teachers dove into the Tekla BIMsight features according to the directions and examples of the trainer and a small training manual. The basic workflow of the training was first combining models and making conflict checks, then communicating about the conflicts and finally updating the models after a revision.

The feedback from the training was excellent. One of the teachers yelled out after the training that "this was the best BIM we've learnt". The teachers found Tekla BIMsight really easy to use and appreciated that it's available for free. They felt that it's quite a diverse tool and handles models quickly.

The teachers thought their student's would absolutely benefit from learning Tekla BIMsight: "I think Tekla BIMsight is an all-around tool for teaching the basics of construction, construction objects and so on, because it is so clear and illustrative," said one teacher.

The teachers would lecture the students about the whole coordination process and not just how to use the software. "Understanding the coordination process helps to see the big picture. That is important for everyone in a construction project, but especially for the structural engineers. They will truly understand what they are modeling for and this will make their models high-quality," commented one of the teachers. Grasping the coordination process and BIM is vital now - BIM is not just the way of the future.

Tekla BIMsight in use

At the moment Tekla BIMsight is used on a few courses in Metropolia. On the Building Information Modeling course the students learn how to use Tekla BIMsight with the help of the Demo project and the Help center videos and instructions. The students also explore the projects they have modeled and are going to model during the course. Tekla BIMsight is also used on Metropolia's courses to give an overview of BIM to all construction students.

Tekla BIMsight is an all-around tool for teaching the basics of construction, construction objects and so on, because it is so clear and illustrative. Understanding the coordination process helps to see the big picture. 

School of Civil Engineering and Building Services teachers
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences