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Tekla Field3D

The easy-to-use BIM construction tool for mobile  devices

Tekla Field3D is the high-performance BIM tool for iOS and Android. Not only does it open very large models and projects (2 GB++), it also has many useful and easy functions to view and extract 3D model information. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Tekla Field3D 3D app for Building Information Models (BIM) supports a new way of working with models. With Tekla Field3D even stakeholders without desktop BIM software can combine and view 3D models and send notes from any BIM software to Tekla Field3D. And vice versa. Create work packages, work orders and notes in Tekla Structures and send them to the site to ensure error-free construction. Link to the other BIM software as well through BCF notes.

You can choose the best product for you from two options: Free and Enterprise.

With the Free version you can navigate 3D models with standard touch features. You can load 3D models via email or open files from the web or from your favorite file-share program. Plug your mobile device into a projector to display your model to a larger audience in meetings.

The Enterprise version allows the use of more file formats and makes loading the models much faster.  You will have access to the Field3D cloud server for sharing your models and notes. You can toggle the visibility of Groups simply with a few taps and Properties allow you to quickly view the information you need. You can Hide elements or make them Transparent to improve your view. Measurements can be taken as vertical elevation or between two planes or even arbitrary points. Notes with markup capability help you record and share review findings via the cloud server or email. Walk-through mode lets you experience the buildings realistically.

Free version features

  • View 3D models in multiple formats: .ifc, .ifczip (not XML), .3ds, .obj
  • NOTE! Free version supports IFC Presentation View (Surface Geometry View, not Coordination view)
  • Zoom, pan and rotate 3D models
  • Object Outlines and dynamic Shadows to better visualize model geometry and depth
  • Open files from email, file-share or web
  • Sample files included and more can be downloaded
  • Orthogonal view of 3D models - as an alternative to Perspective view
  • Imperial units display option for Property values (feet &inches)

Additional Enterprise license functions

  • Very large models load in mere seconds, tested to more than 2 GB
  • Login to enable Enterprise features
  • Additional file formats: dwg (2 & 3D), dgn, skp, dae (kmz), step, stp, stl, iges, igs
  • Cloud storage for project teams
  • Autosync new/updated models from Cloud
  • Clipping function
  • Measure: plane-to-plane, point-to-point, from Grid, Elevation
  • Saved views
  • Synchronized Notes - export and import notes as BCF 2.0
  • View Notes from Cloud in PC browser
  • 3D viewer plugin for PC browsers

Interested in Enterprise? Contact Tekla.

Learn more about the features in Tekla Field3D Manual.