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What is Tekla BIMsight?

Tekla BIMsight is a free professional tool for construction project collaboration. The entire construction workflow can combine their models, check for clashes, and share information using the same easy-to-use BIM environment. Tekla BIMsight enables project participants to identify and solve issues already in the design phase before construction. 

The award-winning Tekla BIMsight is free to download. Over 160 000 professionals in the construction industry have already taken Tekla BIMsight into use in over 160 countries.

Why not take the Tekla BIMsight benefits into use? 

Download now - for free!

Main usage:

  • One platform for all project members for live collaboration 

  • Combine models from different disciplines into a single project model

  • Avoid conflicts on-site by running automated clash detection 

  • Share and communicate issues and other valuable information instantly 

See how others use Tekla BIMsight in real projects and see how Tekla BIMsight can be used on-site.

Tekla BIMsight on multiple devices
Tekla BIMsight user interface

If you haven't tested Tekla BIMsight yet, you truly have no excuse. It's free. Not 30-day trial free. Completely free. The interface is amazing; clean and intuitive. It's fast and it's easy to use.

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Laura Handler

We decided to use Tekla BIMsight as the central platform to manage the design process for three reasons: 

  • fast navigation when working with large models
  • cloud-based project folder support
  • very short learning curve, which is especially important for non-professional project parties.
Panorama City
Tanel Friedenthal
Project Manager
Architectural design office Pluss