Different tablets

Tekla in use on-site

Tekla BIMsight is a construction collaboration tool that can be used in the office or on the construction site. Depending on your needs you can choose to use the full version of Tekla BIMsight or the Tekla BIMsight Note app for iOS or Android devices.

Mobile versions bring Tekla BIMsight to the site

Tekla BIMsight has a well-designed user interface for Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablet computers. With mobile tablets and the touch user interface the full version of Tekla BIMsight can also be used at construction sites and on the move. 

BIM-based collaboration is available where you need it when you use Tekla BIMsight on a tablet computer. Tekla BIMsight helps crews on-site to interpret issues found during construction. 

Tekla BIMsight Note for instant communication

You can also take part in BIM communication with your iPad, iPhone or Android device using Tekla BIMsight Note. It's a purpose-built tool for instant communication anywhere. You can receive and reply to notes created in Tekla BIMsight. Download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play for seamless BIM communication with your colleagues.

Purpose of the app

On the iOS or Android device, BIM-based communication is readily available on-site or on-the-move, and access to a PC is not required. This communication trail is maintained within the Tekla BIMsight project. Tekla BIMsight Note completes the communication loop by bringing BIM within everyone’s reach regardless of their computing or CAD skills. It is as easy as text messages or email to use.

Tekla BIMsight Note depends on full Tekla BIMsight to be used in the Design Coordination process; the findings, like clashes, design issues, RFIs or change orders can easily be communicated from Tekla BIMsight to users of Tekla BIMsight Note.

Other on-site usage: SMART Boards & jobsite kiosks

Tekla BIMsight users have found it useful to have the tool on the construction site. Some have a large monitor in the site office or mobile jobsite kiosks right in the middle of the construction.

Tekla BIMsight is also fully integrated to SMART Technologies SMART Boards which can be used in the office or on-site. 


Tekla BIMsight full and Tekla BIMsight Note
Using Tekla BIMsight on SMART Board
Tekla BIMsight Note for Android in use
Mobile jobsite kiosk
Tekla BIMsight Note is a quick and easy way to relay a message with a picture that can be recalled later and stands as a record.
Interstate 215 widening
Andrew Hieb
Stinger Bridge & Iron

With Tekla BIMsight being so fast, our field craft are able to go to our mobile, tablet-based kiosk, and look at the model. We had a foreman reviewing the drawings and could not visualize what he was supposed to build. But looking at the 3D model in Tekla BIMsight and he immediately understood.

Data center
Andrew Martin
Office Engineer
Hensel Phelps