Teaching BIM

Tekla BIMsight in Education

Tekla BIMsight is a proven, professional tool for the AEC industry. Being free and easy to learn, it couldn't be more suitable for educational institutions and students as well. Tekla BIMsight is the easiest way for academics and teachers to introduce their students to model-based design coordination. Students will benefit from knowing BIM and Tekla BIMsight when transitioning to industry professionals.

How to?

As a teacher, you can just ask your students to download Tekla BIMsight on their own computers or install it on computers in a teaching lab. The software can be efficiently learnt through the training videos in our Help Center so it won't take up much time from coursework.

Course exercises can include learning the design coordination process. Or students from different disciplines can collaborate via Tekla BIMsight during modeling exercises and combine their models into one combined model - such as would be done in real-life construction projects.

Both teachers and students can demonstrate 3D modeling projects with Tekla BIMsight since it has well-liked presentation features which can easily be used during lectures as well, as is already done in several educational institutes around the world.

For more information, contact communications@teklabimsight.com.

Tekla's modeling software Tekla Structures is also used in many educational institutions and educational licences are available. Tekla Campus also offers a free Tekla Structures license for students.

Professor's view on BIM

Professor Arto Kiviniemi - University of Liverpool

Professor Arto Kiviniemi from University of Liverpool is an internationally recognized expert on Building Information Modelling, as well as a wide variety of other topics including integrated design and construction processes, Life Cycle Information Management for the Built Environment and Sustainable Architectural Design. He believes BIM education is mandatory in today's world:

"Integrated BIM is based on multidisciplinary collaboration throughout the whole building lifecycle; from the requirements through collaborative design and construction to the efficient use and maintenance of the buildings and other built asset. This requires deep understanding of the information needs, roles of different disciplines, new work processes and technological possibilities of BIM, which can only be achieved by thorough education. The ability to use software tools efficiently is a crucial skill, but understanding the whole process is also required and should be in the focus of university education."

Educational institutions using Tekla BIMsight

MetropoliaHelsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is the largest university of applied sciences in Finland. Tekla BIMsight is used on their Building Information Modeling course. The students try the software out using the Tekla BIMsight demo project. They learn all features through the Help center videos. The students explore the projects they have modeled and are going to model themselves during the course. Tekla BIMsight is also used on another course in Metropolia to give a quick overview of BIM to all construction students. Read the reference from Metropolia.

Teaching Tekla BIMsight

The ability to use BIM software tools efficiently is a crucial skill, but understanding the whole process is also required and should be in the focus of university education.

Arto Kiviniemi
Professor & internationally recognized expert on Building Information Modelling
University of Liverpool

Tekla BIMsight is an all-around tool for teaching the basics of construction, construction objects and so on, because it is so clear and illustrative. Understanding the coordination process helps to see the big picture. 

School of Civil Engineering and Building Services teachers
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences