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Tekla BIMsight on multiple devices

What is Tekla BIMsight?

With Tekla BIMsight the entire construction workflow can combine their models, check for clashes, and share information using the same easy-to-use BIM environment.

Tekla BIMsight enables project participants to identify and solve issues already in the design phase before construction.

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Comparison table

Learn how Tekla BIMsight relates to other coordination products in the market.

Feature Autodesk Navisworks Freedom Autodesk Navisworks Manage Bentley Projectwise Navigator Solibri Model Checker Tekla BIMsight  
Main use  Supportive viewer for Navisworks Manage   Project review tool for design   Review and analyze project information   BIM checker for QA and QC   BIM collaboration tool for construction  
Combining projects            
IFC support   
Viewing multiple models   only from Manage 
Model checking           
3D Navigation 
Clip planes     
Automatic Clash Detection    
Save model views  
Object / Model coloring and transperancy    
Finding and grouping objects from models      
Create notes   
Note sharing     
BCF support       
Sharing the aggregated project        
Online support 
Online training material 
Download size  600 Mb  1.4 Gb  900 Mb  116 Mb  57 Mb 
Download time (128K ISDN connection or Slow DSL/Cable)  12 hours  29 hours  18 hours  2.5 hours  1 hour 
Retail price  $ 0  $ 7995  $ 1000  $ 6000  $ 0 
Price source    Softpedia    AEC bytes review; single workstation license  Tekla BIMsight 
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Tekla BIMsight Note

Take your model on-site with mobile devices

Tekla BIMsight runs smoothly on Windows 7 and 8 tablet computers. The well-designed touch user interface makes it possible to use Tekla BIMsight on a construction site.


There is also a separate tool for easy communication: Tekla BIMsight Note for iOS and Android.

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Easy to get - Easy to learn - Easy to use




Being free and easy to learn, Tekla BIMsight couldn't be more suitable for educational institutions and students as well. Tekla BIMsight is the easiest way for academics and teachers to introduce their students to model-based design coordination. 

  • I am quite impressed by Tekla BIMsight. Tekla manages to provide a fully functional model review solution without even making us pay for it, which is pretty remarkable in this market.

    Simon Moreau
    BIM 42
  • ...the deal is that a 3D modeling software vendor is now distributing a powerful, free tool that users say rivals the for-a-price alternatives.

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    Tom Sawyer
  • Tekla seems to be responding to users’ wishes on this product and I think it will continue to see nice improvements.

    Read more: Update to Free 3D Model Review Software

    Douglas Bowers
    Douglas Bowers Consulting
  • It appears as a free replacement for Naviswork's Clash Detective.

    Read more: Tekla BIMsight review (ps. many of the "don't likes" of the product have been fixed since February and 1.1 version)

    Teresa Martin
    a [BIM] new world
  • Seems to me, between price and features, that Tekla is throwing down the IFC and price gauntlet.

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    Steve Stafford
    Revit OpEd
  • It’s built around IFC, which is awesome. We need more programs that put neutral source IFC collaboration as a priority. Down with the walled gardens. It’s time to share. 

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    Jared Banks
  • If you haven't tested Tekla BIMsight yet, you truly have no excuse. It's free. Not 30-day trial free. Completely free. The interface is amazing; clean and intuitive. It's fast and it's easy to use.

    Read Tekla BIMsight review.

    Laura Handler
  • Tekla BIMsight is an impressive tool.

    Stuart Wilkes
    AEC Magazine