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Local cache

Is it possible to delete the unused local cache automatically when the project is removed?

Answers to this question

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Tekla BIMsight should have been doing this. It will do soon.

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can i do structural detailing

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Hi Boscoraj, Please go through these video clips to find out what Tekla BIMsight is all about http://www.teklabimsight.com/getStarted.jsp BR Heikki

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Bringing this question back to life. It appears that BIMsight is not removing the cache files when a project is deleted. I was trying to figure out why I was low on hard drive space. My BIMsight Projects folder was around 4 GB and the Cache folder was around 12 GB! It contains cache files for projects that have been deleted.

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Hi Jason, Thanks for pointing out this issue. Currently, the project cache is located in the 'projects' folder and after the project is removed in Tekla BIMsight, the project subfolder should be removed from the 'projects' folder. If you have more project subfolders (the ones starting with GUID value) in 'projects' folder than you've open projects in Tekla BIMsight, please let us know and we'll analyze the issue further. As I was investigating the issue, I noticed that the backup project folders located in the 'projects.backup' folder are still there after removing the project in Tekla BIMsight. Hence, if you notice that the conversion process has gone through correctly and you don't need the backup copy of the project created during the conversion process anymore, you can remove all files located in the 'project.backup' folder. I've added a feature request to our development list that all project data should also be removed from Tekla BIMsight folders after removing the project. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

Thanks for looking into this. Also, thanks for the tip about deleting files in the the backup folder. I had an additional 4GB in that folder as well.

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