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Memory limit reached

I am participating in a large BIM project and I tried to read in all IFC models into BIMsight. But after I had read in some modeIs I got this error message "Memory limit reached, model file can not be loaded". http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=2bed4513-787f-5561-e793-c0ddccb6 Is it posible to set the Memory limit higher? What is the memory limit? All of the computer RAM is not used.

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A valuable answer

Hi Filipe, I contacted you through email to get more detailed information about the issue. BR Heikki

+9 votes

We're planning to have 64-bit version available within a few days that will greatly extend the available memory and project size that can be supported.

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Nice :-)

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Daniel, What is the approximate file size that hits the limit? Did you use only ifc models or did you also combine DWG and DGN?

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Not eveyone we deal with has 64 bit computers.

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There is now a new release of Tekla BIMsight available with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions!

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So what is the answer here, if you are only using a 32-bit supported machine you cannot load large projects? I have this same problem just trying to load the demo...

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I´m trying to load a 160mb storey, but when loaded in the drawing does not appear, then I changed the color of drawing and it appeared, so changed the color to default again and tried to look the drawing, but the drawing started to jump in the screen and disappeared. I´m using version 64bit. And I have 8GB ram. Wait for help please.

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