Hi Henk, This is not really possible, but you can move the model close to other models. There's a special process you need to do to accomplish this: -Make sure that you find one object from the correctly placed model, from objects list. let's call this destination object. -Select the model to be moved from the model list, press space bar, camera should zoom to that model, if not, then select one object from that model, using objects list. -Select object from 3D, if it's not already selected, then open the model relocation tools, from model list, select move -Pick point from the model that need to be moved -Switch to objects list and select the destination object and press space bar -Select now the second point for the move command, from the destination object or somewhere near. -Now the far away model is not anymore far away, but it's in middle of other models. -close the model relocation dialog Now you can do the final model relocation to make it located correctly. Best regards, Marko Myllymaa