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Tekla Bimsight stops working

Hello! When i try to create a new project in tekla it just stops working immediately after i double klick in the project and gets to the window where i can select files. I have tried to uninstall and re-install and the problem still occurs. Do i have to delete something in the regedit to perform a full uninstall? Because when i re-install it automaticly logs in to my account aswell. Se the attatched picture(even tho its in norwegian u can se where the problem occurs) http://helpcenter.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=482c925c-d37b-7f5f-c213-000025c32396

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Hi Kristoffer, The crash happens when 3D is opened. Therefore I would suggest you to check your graphics card drivers. Make sure you have latest. If you do have the latest already, please uninstall them and install again. What graphics card you have? Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

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Hi Kristoffer, Can you write out the path that is shown on the file selection dialog? Does the crash dialog appear as soon as the file selection dialog appears? Or do you manage to change folder or select a model file ? Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

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Hi Marko! Here is a video showing how and when the error occurs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrY2X1-iTlQ As you can see in the video, i think the filepath in the file selection dialog is irrelevant to this problem? Kristoffer Rødne

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Hi Marko! Updated my driver and the issue is resolved, thanks for great help! :) My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GTX970 Kristoffer Rødne

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