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Linking PDFs of dwgs to part in the model

BIMSight is the closest thing Tekla have come up with to match or better Struwalker, its been a long time coming. What the industry needs from Tekla users, is the abaility to review the drawings of the parts as well as markup and check dimensions. From an upstream deliverable point of view, from Detailer to Designer, having the ability to review members, placement and the dwgs, this could be a one stop shop system for approval review. The designer could mark up the dwgs and issue the package back to the Detailer for review and change. Lets hope Tekla see the light and add this functionality and continue to keep developing this promissing application. Good work so far Tekla!

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A valuable answer

Hello, Thank you for this feedback. We are currently working with ability to link documents to model objects. Stay tuned... Thanks, Ville

+1 votes

Philip, Check out the in-model reviewer tools here as well: www.tekla.com/pdh

0 votes

Thanks Michael, Can anyone tell me how to get hold of Review Station? Is it a free application or something someone is selling? Id like to know more. Thanks Philip

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You can make hyperlink in Autocad and export to ifc. It would be great to be abel to use those hyperlinks inside Tekla Bimsight /Sölve

0 votes

Hi Sölve, Thanks for your comment. Jason suggested this feature request here http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/ticket.jsp?id=f6879ca9-1264-44de-9c02-bd49cfe71e70 about a week ago and we've added it on the list of possibilities for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

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