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Set Author discipline for notes

Hi, In your videos on mark ups, the notes/comments appear to come from disciplines such as "Lead Designer" or "Structural Engineer", rather than from individuals such as "John Smith". How do you set BIMsight to do that?

Answers to this question

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Hi John, You can edit your account information and change the user alias shown in Tekla BIMsight by changing the first and last name of your account. To edit your user information click your name on the top right corner of the Tekla BIMsight UI and then select "Edit Your Info", see the image below. Thanks, Heikki http://helpcenter.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=efbdae0d-f5e6-77e9-6c17-00001162c4de

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Hi Heikki, I think the question is - can I address specific note for specific person of the team? May be I want to create the note for specific team member that only he could replay. Looking forward for your answer.

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