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Object Enablers

If a program requires an object enabler, How do you install it?

Answers to this question

-1 votes

Sorry we don't currently support object enablers. Which ones do you need? Does you modeling software support IFC export? IFC is the preferred format for Tekla BIMsight. Thanks, Ville

0 votes

I'm currently using the most recent object enabler version for CADduct & I have no problems seeing the ductwork in AutoCad 2012 or Navisworks Manage 2012, but when I export the ductwork out of my AutoCad MEP software & into an IFC file some of the ductwork comes in black. I had thought that maybe this was due to the fact that I don't own the actual CADduct software but when I asked a friend of mine to use his CADduct software & export it into an IFC file it also did the same thing with some of the ductwork appearing black. What do you suggest I do to rectify this problem?

0 votes

I hate to say it but BIMsight is nothing but a boat anchor until you figure this out.

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