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Tekla Bimsight Crashes

Tekla Bimsight crashes when loading a project. Dell Latitude e7480 with Intel HD Graphics 520 graphics card. We have several computers Dell 7480 models with the same error. Please let me know if you need event log.

Answers to this question

0 votes

Hi Sophia, I assume now that the crash happens when the 3D should be seen. You should check that you have the latest graphics driver for you Intel HD card. Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

0 votes

Hi Marko, I help Sophia with this. And yes we have tried to upgrade the graphics driver and even deleted the graphics card and reinstalled it without any luck. Do you have any other ideas what to try except reinstallation of the pcs? Br Fritte Holmqvist

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Hi Sophia and Fritte, If the crash happens when project haven opened and first model loading progress bar is at the end, then 3D should be populated with the objects from that model. In this case i would still recommend to check the graphics driver, download new from Intel and try that. Remember to reboot the machine after updating the graphics driver. Does this crash happen also with empty project? Create empty project, and when Tekla BIMsight suggests to add models, just hit cancel. If Tekla BIMsight crashes on that situation also. Then it's certain that the graphics driver is the problem. If this crash happens only with certain model/project, then I would like to ask you to save that project to a package and send it to admin@teklabimsight.com. I will then take a look on that project. Hopefully this helps. Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

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