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Import grid in model

Hi, It would be useful if the grid could be imported from Tekla. Best regards, Robbert Sterk

Answers to this question

0 votes

Hi Robbert, Thanks for this suggestion. Grid is in our thinking so good to hear your thoughts.

+1 votes

For now you can create a DWG (via the drawing engine) and then import that into BIMsight.

0 votes

When importing a dwg into BimSight, i.e the grid, it would be extremely useful if we could "move" these dwg files, in the same way can move ref files in Tekla, in order to spatially locate these correctly in the model. Currently you have to work out the correct X, Y, Z and scale values in order to locate these imported dwg files, which currently isnt as easy as it could be. If using the Measure tool to work this out, it would be useful if the point to point distance measured, showed the relevant x, y, z values in the same way the "measure distance" tool in Tekla Structures currently works...

0 votes

Hi Shane, Thanks for the comments. We're just planning a new round of development. I'd say both these suggestions are likely to be in there. BR Steve

0 votes

How do I determine angle necessary to straighten model alignments?

0 votes

One suggestion guys is in 17.0 do all of the setting of the reference models exactly how you want in the interface there, then choose the publish to Tekla BIMsight option. When you do this the published package will be exactly as you placed all the reference models in TS.

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