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Export a BIMSight Saved View

How do I export (print) a saved view or the current screen as a TIFF or PDF?

Answers to this question

0 votes

Hi Bud, There's no printing or exporting of views directly from Tekla BIMsight. You can save your project as a package ( http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_saving_project_as_package ) then send that together with a link to the download page of Tekla BIMsight to other parties to view your saved views, notes,etc. BR Steve

0 votes

Stephen, I envisioned a product similar to BIMsight a year ago because I needed to quantify items from a plan that were not shown on any of the architect's sections or elevations. Now that it is available, I want to clip to an orthographic of a wall elevation, produce a PDF of the view and add the file as a plan, to my takeoff software. Is this in the works?

0 votes

Hi I want export view in one album in Tekla BIMSight to image ( jpeg, bmp,...). Not use print screent Please help me?

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