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Tekla BIMsight Version 1.8 - Saved Album views not present in shared model

In testing the new shared project feature, I'm noticing that when I open the model located on my network from another machine, the saved album views I created on another networked computer are not present. Is this a known issue? My thought is that if you're sharing a model via your network or an online cloud service, you may also want to share saved views too.

Answers to this question

0 votes

Hi Greg, With Tekla BIMsight version 1.8 you can share models and notes and also push the updated model location to other project members by refreshing the project. Hovewer, the saved views, conflict rules or documents for example are not shared. I'll add this feature request on our list of possibilities for the future releases. As a workaround, you can currently use notes for sharing the view information. So add as many views as you wish to the note, and the receiver can then view these snapshots and use them to create saved views. Thanks, Heikki

+1 votes

Indeed ! It would also be helpful if the documents could be included. For example the calculation of structural strength of detailparts.

0 votes

At this point, the best for me would be to be able to export all annotation objects created. Instead of exporting only the notes , it would be perfect if the bcfzip could include albums, measurements, objects visibility or coloring, links to docs etc. As for the moment we're "cheating" by creating everything in notes' arborescence, but what serves now as a quick workflow, it is actually a deviation from the originally intended use. And since we're at the "wishing well" could we also transform somehow bcfzip to excel somehow?

0 votes

Hi Polyxeni, Yes, there are quite many limitations ( http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_sharing_notes_by_distributing_note_files ) in the BCF format and because of that we implemented this improved note sharing functionality to be able to share all note data with Tekla BIMsight project memebers. The possibility to share note information using bcfzip files between Tekla BIMsight and authoring tools is still available so the note discussions can also be shared with other parties in that way. We've received few requests about the ability to share also other information than models and notes, and that is something that we're considering for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

Hi Heikki, I was wondering it has been 3 yrs since this topic has been discussed. Any update to be able to share the view group yet? I just start using Tekla and realise that I need the same function as well. Thanks, Win

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