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Measuring to centerlines

I can dimension face to face or edge to edge, but I can't snap to a centerline of a column and check it's dimension to the next column. Edge to edge is not a very useful choice. Am I missing something?

Answers to this question

0 votes

Hi Gary, The measuring tool of Tekla BIMsight supports currently snapping to objects vertices, lines and faces, so it's not possible to snap to a centerline of a column. We're continuosly gathering improvement suggestions from our users and we'll consider the centerline snapping once we're developing the measurement tool for the future releases. Thanks, Heikki

+2 votes

I second this one. Measuring to centerlines is very important to us.

+2 votes

For Coordination between trades. a Centerline Dimension option is critical.

+1 votes

This is also an important for us who work with reinforced concrete and manufacture the reinforcement. The option to measure center to center is rather essential as we currently are using BIMsight in our production to prefabricate complicated welded elements, and the aim is to soon be using our models at construction sites to support the workers in their process. We are aware of the Centre-to-centre attribute in BIMsight, but it doesn’t help when you often want to measure between different types of rebar, rebar which is placed in different levels(layers), or simply between rebar that is in the same row but has different lengths. It would be optimal if the tool for this could work as the “Measure Distance” tool in Tekla Structures, where it doesn’t tell you just the direct distance, but also the individual distance in each of the axes (x,y and z). Kind regards, Daniel Isaksson, Celsa Steel Service AB

0 votes

Heerema hfg likes to see this in the feature as well. They requested the visibility of the centerlines of the profiles, but the main reason is dimensioning from center to center.

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