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Problem with object properties

The units and the property values are not reasonable ? Gross side area of one piece of concrete is 7 digits long number with m2 at the end - and the piece is max 1,5m long. How do you make properties work correctly? seems that now the value is in mm2 and what I would like to see is m2 ...

Answers to this question

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Hi, This problem is related to the IFC export of Tekla Structures. Please see this forum discussion about the issue http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/topic.jsp?id=5fac2531-5d6e-4f5a-9ad1-7bef979324e6 Hope with the instructions found on that forum thread you'll be able to view the properties correctly in Tekla BIMsight. Thanks, Heikki

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This was also a bug in Revit IFC export. They defined their area units as mille-squaremetres, but wrote them out in square-millimetres (in other words micro sqaure metres!)

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