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Hi, I'm using 64-bit system and Tekla BIMSight crashes frequently. the larger the model the faster it crashes. Is this a bug? http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=18589221-f3c4-daf0-bef8-a8c31ae1 Best regards, Robbert Sterk

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A valuable answer

Now :)

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Hello Robbert, There will be a 64bit version that will improve situation. Very large models may crash Tekla BIMsight as the memory runs out. Thanks, Ville Kyytsönen

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When will the 64-bit version be available?

+3 votes

Hello Tobias, The version is already in internal testing. We need to make changes to the distribution and solve some updating issues. I'll not give a date, but should not be long. It is at the top of the work list. Best Regards, Ville

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Soon ;)

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