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Point Clouds?

Are there plans to integrate Point Cloud formats such as PTS/PTX?

Answers to this question

+1 votes

Hello Jason, See attached snapshot. There is a Tekla Structures add-on (.NET extension) with which you can convert point cloud data to Autodesk DXF / DWG format to be read with Tekla Structures and Tekla BIMsight. Thanks, Ville

+1 votes

And the picture... http://www.teklabimsight.com/photo.jsp?key=5648d21e-e753-952f-e44b-b53ba15e

0 votes

what is the name of this Add-on and where can I get it?

0 votes

Hello It's been 6 years since first question about point clouds. Has anything changed in this matter? Are there any plans to enable formats .pts to be directly imported to bimsight? Converting large point clouds to dwg is not efficient.

0 votes

Hi Krzysztof, I'm sorry, but Tekla BIMsight will not support point clouds. We are currently building successor for Tekla BIMsight. It's called Trimble Connect Desktop, it's part of Trimble Connect product family. In Trimble Connect Desktop you can import point clouds, in pottree format. Please check Trimble Connect from here: http://connect.trimble.com After logging in you can download Trimble Connect Desktop from Trimble Connect App store(button with 9 dots). Hopefully this helps. Best regards, Marko Myllymaa

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