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BIM server

Make it a BIM server where several users can be logged in the same model. It is very old fashion to have to send a file to eachother. Also make it possible to edit/change the attributes in the objects, and to do other changes. I.e. make interoperability with Tekla Structures.

Comments to this ticket

+6 votes

Tom, Excellent proposal and I am glad to tell you that this type of functionality will be a part of Tekla BIMsight in the near future. Stay tuned!

-1 votes

Great news!!!! Navisworks..RIP

+3 votes

Very keen to see the next release of BIMsight, this is a great idea to have multi user functionality. Interesting comment about Navisworks, at least this will have a logical pan, zoom, rotate system. :-)

+1 votes

Why not integrate with bimserver (bimserver.org) instead? Its free, open source and read and export to a range of open formats (Collada. cityGML, .ifc, ifcXML, kmz. cobie etc). It's easy to communicate with using Soap, Rest or ProtocolBuffers ). I would love to see Bimsight talking to bimserver.

+1 votes

Jussi, when you say "near future", what is the estimated time for BIMsight to have BIM Server functionality?

0 votes

Unfortunately I cannot be more specific at this stage. However, we are already actively working on this matter.

0 votes

Tom, Excellent proposal. Jussi, check the BIM server of GRAPHISOFT or try to license it for BIMsight and Tekla Structures

+1 votes

Very useful feature

+1 votes

get it well done

0 votes

Any news on the ETA for the BIM server?

0 votes

Any news on this one?

0 votes

Thanks for your interest on BIM server. This is certainly an interesting topic that we’re looking at. Thanks, Heikki

+1 votes

Just put your ifc- files and markup´s into a dropbox, ms sky drive or a google drive. You will be fine! What kind of functionality is misssing then?

0 votes

Jens, a model server (BIM server) can provide much more functionality than a drop box. The server manages the merging of the data into a single model, who can change what, when, and the ability to serve back subsets of the model (either by area, or by role, or by permissions) to users. If you imagine being able to define who can see or edit each piece of information about each entity within the model at any point in time, you can see how useful and powerful a model server can be. My vote would be for BIMsight to connect to a model server (rather than create a new model server), so that a user of BIMsight could see the shared model.

0 votes

Hello, Any news on this subject? Best! Barbara

0 votes

Hi Barbara, There is no fully functional BIM server available yet, but in addition to a possibility to share models via project folder, which was introduced in Tekla BIMsight version 1.6, you can now share also notes with v1.8. See more information in the following help tutorials http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_sharing_projects and http://www.teklabimsight.com/helpcenter/helpTopic.jsp?topic=bim_sharing_notes_in_shared_project Thanks, Heikki

0 votes

What also would be a great to have with the functioning bim server is a app that lets you connect your bim model with a drawing/marker and use a augmented reality function to let you see straight away in 3d on the printed paper through an app. Please set something like that up!

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